Thursday, January 8, 2009

Eclipse Annoyance

I truely appreciate eclipse as the ide for CF development. I've had a slight annoyance with it though since recently moving to a linux dev environment. In short, everytime I did a text search.... I would get an annoying little error box popping up saying:

Looking at the details of the error... I see the following:
"resource is out of sync with the file system"

After digging around a bit on google I found that this generally occurs when a file is changed/added outside of eclipse and it has, just as the error states, become out of sync with the file system. The solution is to refresh the project so that it picks up the changed/new files. If outside processes frequently change files outside of your eclipse, you can have eclipse automatically refresh the project by going to Window > Preferences and in General > Workspace. Check the box that says "Refresh Automatically". We use the fusebox framework which compiles the code into the parsed folder. So in development mode, the parsed folder has changed/new files all the time.

Well... I made this change and it still didn't work for me. I don't know if its something unique with linux or just a bug or what, but refreshing the parsed folder and setting refresh automatically did absolutely nothing to resolve the issue.

Then I had a duh moment. For my text search, I have it search in a working set. Why don't I just exclude the parsed folder from the working set. I don't really need to look in the parsed folder anyway. Sheesh, sometimes we can make things way harder than they need to be. So... Search > File... (or Cntrl-H for me) Then on the "Working set:" line, click "Choose...". I'm working with "Selected Working Sets". I edited my working set and under the "Working set contents" area I drilled down to the parsed folder in the relavent resource and unchecked it. Bingo... no more errors.

Hope this helps...
God Bless


Code Fusion, LLC said...

great tip! I'll be sure to make these mods next time it happens to me - armed with this information.

Thanks Terry

Brontojoris said...

Another way to stop eclipse from searching particular folders is to open it's Properties window and tick the Derived checkbox.

Saves you from having to manage lots of Working Sets.